Monday, April 27, 2015

Ruuk Village Kalpitiya review!-DONT book before reading this!

Ruuk Village Kalpitiya review.

Ruuk village is a developing tourist destination in Kalpitiya. Kalpitiya is a larger fishing village consisting of 14 islands in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka. Despite its potential as a tourist destination, Ruuk village under-delivers and, in one way or the other, fails to satisfy its guests in an often disappointing demeanor. Endless reviews of worse-than-ever expedition encounters by disillusioned tourists flock the media day by day. The complaints accrue from a whole range of issues of concern. Overcharging, unhygienic conditions, inadequate safety, privacy, comfort and transport facilities are among the reasons for the outcry by tourists visiting the Ruuk village. These factors contributing to the negative publicity of the Ruuk village are exhaustively outlined as follows.

Poor reception
From the onset things just seem to take an ominous turn. An instance is when a tourist reportedly got lost after using inaccurate directions given by an inn manager and had to retrace his proper way to the inn with some help from the locals. With extra kilometers of worn tracks to cover, the experience becomes annoying already. The same tourist had no one to attend to him for booking in as there was no receptionist at the desk. Talk of uncalled for delays eating into your vacation when you haven’t even started it yet.

Transport problem
Poor transport amenities further ruin your stay in Ruuk village. In order to get to the camp, you either have to walk in the deep mud or take an uncomfortable and risky boat ride.

Guests are always in for unexpectedly huge spending on low quality services. Outdoor activities such as snorkeling, dolphin-watching and a tour around Wilpattu National Park are charged prohibitively expensively. They are rendered to incur off the hook costs for goods and services unworthy of such hefty sums. If the quality of the services was upheld, then the costs would have been reasonable. Establishments in Ruuk village charge twice more than other hotels for a tour around Wilpattu National Park.

Under the bar quality
A tourist reportedly complained of a horrendous stay at a camp where the beach was dirty, the grass was unkempt and that the place smelt terrible of dampness. The tourist had to relocate to another hotel. To add insult to injury, deposit wasn’t refunded even under the directions of Sri Lankan police. Unsuspecting tourists book into nice cabanas that are falsely advertised with appealing photos. Truth is, when they get there, what they find is in contrary to what is placed in the adverts.

Risky boat rides
Boats at the coast of Ruuk village are uncomfortable and unsafe. There are no chairs in the boats. Neither are there any pillows for a cushioned ride in the water. Such a form of discomfiture and lack of safety during a boat ride makes up for a dissatisfying visit of the Ruuk village. Tourists are advised to be on the look so that they don’t put their lives on the line in a boat ride in this village.

Dead corals and absence of sea life
There is an apparent loss of bio-diversity in the waters around Ruuk village. A tourist surely gets disappointed after traveling afar from home only to visit dead corals and little sea life. To make matters worse, at times there are hardly any dolphins in sight making dolphin watching rare and very expensive activity in the waters of Ruuk village.

Problem during signing out
The Ruuk village camps’ business is reclining by the day. They usher in fewer customers and are unwilling to let go of the available customers without having made them spend more money there even when the customers wish to cancel their bookings.

Few dining options
The dining options in the Ruuk village are limited to rice curry. Varied dishes are rare to find anywhere within the village and menus reflect the same meal throughout. This is a great disappointment to tourists with an adventurous flair for food.

Terrible state of rooms
Available rooms are poorly furnished with little on furniture, absence of fans and air-conditioners and worst of all, woe unto you if you book into an unhygienic room. The room’s safety can be easily compromised as the camp is open without a perimeter fence. Anyone cansneak in and steal your valuables. Privacy is not assured. There is poor or no Wi-Fi internet connectivity. The rooms are definitely not worth the money.

There aren’t any lockers or facilities to lock in your precious belongings. As such, your valuables are prone to theft when you are outdoors or asleep. A tourist once complained of a lost wallet while he was on the dolphin watching tour. It was later secretly returned to the room by the thief less a considerable amount of cash. The thief masqueraded as room service, was spotted bringing into the room a handful of fresh towels although the room had quite a number of fresh towels. That occurrence could be blamed on mismanagement by the staff in charge for failing to catch the culprit, leaving the question as to whether or the staff and the culprit were working unison.

Open camp
The open camp setting also serves to deteriorate security. The room’s safety can be easily compromised as the camp is open without a perimeter fence.

Extra charges on electricity
Tourists are rendered to incur extra charges on the use of electricity in the Ruuk village camp in addition to the booking fee already paid.

Dirty camp
The camp is untidy and full of litter. Plastic bags, broken glass, rusty nails lie in the sand making the camp inhabitable and adding to the discomfiture of the stay in the Ruuk camp.

In conclusion, a tour to the Ruuk village is probably the worst camp in the whole of Kalpitiya area. There are better options in the neighboring islands. From all the inconveniences presented by the Ruuk village as a tourist destination, all there is to do, if you are not a kite surfer is to lie in a  hammock and supposedly arrange for other reservations elsewhere. This is my honest review of Ruuk Village Kalpitiya.